Online Resources To Help You Study And How To Use Them

Studying at home can be difficult and put you under additional stress. Thankfully, with Internet access, there are many tools available to you to help with your homeschooling. For example, you are now able to access Revise Wise online for free to help with your revision. Make sure to use the most out of that resource. 

Apart from Revise Wise, there are other online sources with notes, videos, sample questions and answers that you can access at this time. 

Resources For JC and LC Subjects

This is an e-learning community where students and teachers share notes as well as various queries about examination papers. You’ll find revision notes and tips for different Leaving and Junior Cert subjects.

Similar to StudyNotes, Studyclix offers resources for both Junior and Leaving Cert subjects. Here you’ll find notes, videos and quizzes that will help with your revision. It also offers a space to connect with other students in the ‘Discussion’ section. 


This is an educational version of Ted Talks where you’ll find videos about different topics for each subject. Those might be especially useful when you get bored looking at your own notes. Listening to someone else will provide you with some variety.


Like TEDEd, YouTube has thousands of educational channels which can be helpful for both Junior and Leaving Cert. It can be especially helpful when trying to understand difficult concepts or theories, summaries and background information. 

State Examinations Commissions website

Being thought in a classroom is definitely different than studying at home. The best way to revise during this time may be to do as many exam questions as possible. Those can be found on the SEC website, where you will also have access to marking schemes. Those will provide you with solutions and tips on how to answer questions as best as you can.

Resources For Individual Subject 

This is a teacher-run blog with notes and videos for Junior and Leaving Cert History.

A teacher-run science blog for Junior Cert students.

An Rté programme called ‘Music in the classroom’ for Music students and teachers.

Maths revision questions with sample answers.

Spanish play, a YouTube channel with some helpful instructions for Spanish.

Revision notes for Leaving Cert economics. 

A YouTube channel with revision notes and tips for Leaving Cert Irish. 

Final tip: If you get bored studying on your own, try setting up an online study chat with your friends via WhatsApp, FaceTime or Skype. You could share your notes, discuss difficult concepts or check your sample answers against one another. 

Online Resources To Help You Study And How To Use Them
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