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BusinessTop 5 Tips

1. Make sure you study in detail the three units of the course that are the focus of the compulsory Applied Business Question for your exam year. These units change each year.

2. Practice all the short questions from past Leaving Certificate exams because the same or similar questions may appear this year.

3. Learn definitions of all key business terms as they are frequently examined as compulsory short questions and as part of longer questions.4. Know the topics examined in the longer questions in Section Three – parts one and two. Cover enough topics so that you can answer the required number of questions in each of these parts.

5. For longer questions, structure your answer in point format. Ensure you have given one point for each five marks offered in the question. Support your answers with relevant examples or illustrations.

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About the Author

Peter Caulwell

Peter Caulwell holds a degree in Business Studies and an M.A. from Trinity College, Dublin. He also completed a Higher Diploma in Education at University College Dublin. Peter has over twenty years teaching experience at both Junior and Leaving Certificate Honours level at Firhouse Community College.

Peter has co-authored Edco’s Business Today and the Essential Guide which accompanies EDCO Higher Level Leaving Certificate Business papers.



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