BiologyTop 5 Tips

1. Read each question slowly and carefully. Does the question ask you to describe, suggest, distinguish, list, give an outline or account etc.? Are diagrams asked for? Focus on the question before rushing in to provide an answer.

2. Diagrams should

be drawn with a HB large (about the size of your fist).have a fully labelled (include as many labels as you can).be realistic in their shape and proportions.

3. In Sections A and B, keep your answers short and make sure they fit into the spaces provided. Practising answering these questions is the best way to achieve this.

4. Answer an extra question if time allows, i.e. answer five questions instead of four. You will be marked on your best four answers.

5. Remember to answer all parts of a question. In Section C, some students cross out the part of the question they have just completed.

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About the Author

Michael O’Callaghan

Michael O’Callaghan is a graduate of both UCD and Trinity College, where he was awarded an M.Ed in 1991. He has over thirty years teaching experience in schools such as St. David’s CBS, Artane and the Institute of Education, Leeson St., Dublin.

Michael is a former corrector of Leaving Cert Higher Level Biology and has contributed numerous articles on Biology to both the Irish Independent and more recently the Irish Times. He is the author of the Leaving Cert Biology textbook, the co-author of the Junior Cert science textbook and the Exploring Science Workbook and Experiment Book.



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