Maths OL Paper 1

RMA6123S_-_RW_LC_Maths_OL_P1_-_cover_03Top 5 Tips

1. If you cannot solve a question relatively easily, it is vital that you practise it. Students often spend time studying things they already know, but it’s better to focus on learning the things you don’t know.

2. In the Project Maths syllabus, any topic can appear in any question. It is important to be aware that material usually associated with Paper 2 can be examined in Paper 1.

3. Each paper lasts two and a half hours, with a maximum of 300 marks available. You have 150 minutes to get up to 300 marks. This gives an average of 2 marks a minute. So if a question is worth 50 marks, you must not spend more than 25 minutes on it.

4. Be as active as you can when studying maths. Work through examples as you read them; do all the calculations. Cover the solution and try to work it out yourself.

5. Buy a copy of the Formulae and Tables. There is a wealth of information there and you need to be familiar with it.

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Tom Healy has taught Mathematics, Physics and Science for over thirty years at Cabinteely Community School, Dublin. He has a B.Mod in Mathematical Sciences from Trinity College Dublin. He has worked with the PDST and NCCA.



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