Irish HL

Top 5 Tips

1. In the ‘Ceapadóireacht’ question, keep your sentences short and simple, this way you’ll make fewer mistakes. Ensure you have a beginning, middle and an end and make out a rough plan before you start writing.

2. Read the questions before you read the Comprehensions through. You don’t need to understand every word in the piece to be able to answer the question.

3. Prepare well for the Letter question by making sure you have words and phrases learnt off before your exam as well as appropriate addresses, dates, greetings and endings.

4. If you want to use a quote from a poem, make sure that you have explained the point in your own words first. Quotes are used to support what you have already written – not to answer a question.

5. Leave five minutes to read over your work at the end – you will save a lot of marks by checking your spelling and grammar.

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About the Author

Muireann O’Connell

Muireann O’Connell is a graduate of University College Galway and University College Dublin. She is currently teaching Irish and French in Holy Faith Secondary School, Clontarf, Dublin.

Muireann is co-author of ReviseWise Junior Certificate Higher and Ordinary level Irish books.



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