Geography HL

Top 5 Tips

1. Know the processes responsible for shaping the landscape and be able to sketch these features.

2. Be able to read Ordnance Survey Maps and Aerial Photographs and to draw sketch maps.

3. Have a detailed knowledge of Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Economic Activities.

4. Be able to identify the features of a Developing Country including population characteristics and the solutions to the problems of a Developing Country.

5. Be familiar with world climates and environmental problems.

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About the Authors

James Campbell

James Campbell graduated from U.C.D. with a degree in Geography and Economics and a Higher Diploma in Education. He has over twenty years teaching experience at Junior Certificate and Leaving Certificate Honours level and is Head of the Geography Department in Blackrock College. James also teaches Geography and Economics at the Institute of Education, Leeson Street.

James has written two earlier revision guides for the Leaving Certificate Geography course before it was revised in 2004. He is passionate about his subjects and instils a great love of Geography and Economics in his students.

Enda Whelton

Enda Whelton began his teaching career in Colaiste Choilm, Ballincollig, Co. Cork, before moving to Blakestown Community School in Dublin. He currently teaches geography in Blackrock College in Dublin.


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