Science HL

Top 5 Tips

1. When revising, do not leave out any chapters because all exam questions are compulsory.

2. In the exam, all marks for answers to questions are awarded in multiples of three. For example, a question worth three marks requires you to give one item of information, while a question worth nine marks requires you to give three items of information.

3. Learn all the equations on the course. These equations carry important information and may be very useful to you in gaining marks.

4. Questions beginning with words like list or name require shorter answers than questions beginning with describe or outline which require more detailed answers.

5. Keep a dictionary of all the special words of physics, biology & chemistry and know what they mean.

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About the Authors

Michael O’Callaghan

Michael O’Callaghan is a graduate of both UCD and Trinity College, where he was awarded an M.Ed in 1991. He has over thirty years teaching experience in schools such as St. David’s CBS, Artane and the Institute of Education, Leeson St., Dublin.

Michael is a former corrector of Leaving Cert Higher Level Biology and has contributed numerous articles on Biology to both the Irish Independent and more recently the Irish Times. He is the author of the Leaving Cert Biology textbook, the co-author of the Junior Cert science textbook and the Exploring Science Workbook and Experiment Book.

Seamus Reilly

Seamus Reilly is a very experienced teacher of science and chemistry. He has been teaching in St David’s CBS in Artane for over seventeen years. He regularly sets exam papers for the pre-Junior Certificate examinations. He teaches intensive revision courses at Christmas and Easter in the Institute of Education, Leeson St., Dublin.

He has co-written the Junior Certificate Science textbook Exploring Science and the Exploring Science Workbook and Experiment Book.

Aidan Seery

Aidan Seery graduated from UCD in Mathematical Physics and holds a PhD in education from Trinity College Dublin. He has worked for nearly twenty years in a number of second level schools including the Institute of Education, Leeson St. as a mathematics and science teacher. He is the author of sample papers and mock examinations in Science, LC Physics and Applied Mathematics. He was recently appointed to a post in teacher education.



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