Top 5 Tips

1. If you do not finish the paper you cannot get top marks. For that reason, it is important to keep to the time recommended for each question. This is especially true for the first three questions which are worth fewer marks than the last three.

2. Remember the higher mark questions come at the end of the paper. If you do not leave time to do them well, you will have trouble getting a good grade.

3. Learn the definitions that accompany each section in the ReviseWise History textbook. They are useful for questions 3 (Short-Answer questions) or question 4 (People in History questions) on the Junior Certificate exam papers.

4. Note important names, dates and events in your revision. Marks are given for historical facts that are accurate and relevant (i.e. facts relating to the question asked).

5. In questions 4, 5 and 6, when you are using an answer book, remember to write the question number in the margin.

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About the Author

Elma Collins

Having graduated from U.C.D. and Trinity College, Dublin, Elma Collins has taught history in Maynooth and in the Institute of Education.

She has been involved in publishing for many years and has authored over twenty history textbooks, mostly on Irish history. Including History in Context, People of the Past and Living History series.



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