Maths OL Paper 2

RMA6124S_-_RW_LC_Maths_OL_P2__cover_04Top 5 Tips

1. Each paper lasts two and a half hours, with a maximum of 300 marks available. You have 150 minutes to get up to 300 marks. This gives an average of 2 marks a minute. So if a question is worth 50 marks, you must not spend more than 25 minutes on it.

2. In the exam you must answer all questions. There is no choice!

3. An exam question is an opportunity to demonstrate knowledge. Show what you know! Write your answers in reasonable detail.

4. Buy a good calculator well in advance of the exams. Make sure that your calculator has a natural display.

5. Download GeoGebra: a free, open-source maths program. Use it to boost your confidence and deepen your understanding.

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Tom Healy has taught Mathematics, Physics and Science for over thirty years at Cabinteely Community School, Dublin. He has a B.Mod in Mathematical Sciences from Trinity College Dublin. He has worked with the PDST and NCCA.



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