Physics HL

PhysicsTop 5 Tips

1. Remember for Section A there are likely to be 1 or 2 graphs and questions from the following areas: Mechanics, Light/Sound/optics, Heat and Electricity.

2. Section B questions can contain definitions, derivations, explanation of sts applications, experiments, demos and problems. Make sure you know these aspects of the course very well.

3. On the day of the examination, section A will contain the easier questions – you should start here to get yourself settled.

4. Remember all graphs should be fully labelled with units on graph paper or you will not receive the maximum marks.

5. In section B take a good look at questions 5 and 12 first. These two questions could contain some very straightforward sections so may be worthwhile answering first.

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Tom Tierney

Tom Tierney is a graduate of Trinity College and he is a teacher of Physics and Maths in Castlekncock College in Dublin.



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