French HL

Top 5 Tips

1. You need to study the four skills: reading, writing, listening and speaking. When you are listening and reading, take notes of vocabulary and expressions to learn, that you will use in the writing and speaking tasks.

2. Familiarise yourself with the question formats and the vocabulary used in the exam questions.

3. Make sure you know the basic grammar perfectly.

4. Build up your French vocab! Get someone at home to help you, by calling out the English word to see if you can write the French word

5. The Listening Comprehension is the first part of the examination you will do.  It is extremely important to practice listening to spoken French as this part of the exam is worth 44%.

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About the Authors

Marie Stafford

Marie Stafford has been teaching for over twenty years in Skerries Community College. She teaches both French and English to students from first year to sixth year and teaches French at both Ordinary and Higher level. She has been organising French exchanges since Skerries Community College twinned with a school in the Canton of Guichen in 1994.

Marie is the co-author of Bon Travail 1 and 2 and Succès au Brevet.

Geraldine McQuillan

Geraldine McQuillan has been a language teacher (French and German) for more than twenty-five years, covering all levels from beginners to Leaving Certificate Higher level.

In collaboration with two of her colleagues from Skerries Community College, Geraldine is co-author of Bon Travail 2 and Succès au Brevet. She has also worked as an advisor on two other EDCO textbooks.

Carmel Timmins

Carmel Timmins teaches in Skerries Community College and has been a language teacher (French and English) for twenty years, covering all levels. She was formerly an assistant examiner, correcting Junior Certificate Higher level French. She previously worked in Holy Rosary College, Mountbellew, Co. Galway.




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