How to keep the study/life balance at home?

It’s May and it doesn’t look like exam students will get a chance to go back to school or your usual study environments. Under lockdown, your study space and your home have blended into one, which can make it difficult to keep a healthy balance. With that in mind, you have to make best of the situation and create the most effective study environment as well a space to relax and unwind.


Divide and organise your space

Designate a space to study and a space to enjoy your free time. The temptation will be there to study while in bed but do not do this. If you have a desk in your room, use it. For a lot of us under lockdown the kitchen table has become our home office. The key is to use the space you choose to study and revise. Make sure that space is organised. Always keep the desk or table tidy and uncluttered while making sure you have everything you need. Keep all your stationary and a glass of water or a cup of tea at hand. 

For your down time, move to the living room where you can watch t.v. and enjoy activities that help you relax. Forget about studying and exams. The fact that you didn’t study in your bed will help you to sleep better and rest. When you’re in this space, try not to think or talk about study matters. That is key to your study/life balance.



Take frequent breaks when studying

Once you’re on a roll with studying, you will be tempted to keep going for as long as you can. However, it may not be a good idea as that way you can burn out more quickly. Organise your time the way your school day is organised. Everyone is tempted to sleep in a little bit longer but it is best to resist that. Be ready to start studying at 9 and follow your school time table. If on a Monday, your first lesson is English, revise some English. Make sure you plan the day before what you want to study. Stay with each subject for 50 minutes and take a ten minute break.

During your quick breaks, make sure you leave your study space. Get up for a quick breath of fresh air, straighten your legs, listen to a few songs or check your phone. Once the ten minutes are up go back to your study space. With frequent breaks, you won’t be as distracted when you are revising because you’ll know that in a short period of time you can have a little break. Of course, have a lunchtime as usual and take a longer break then. Stop studying at the time you finish studying normally, not a second longer.



Make the best out of your free time to relax and rest

Keep up with your usual activities or try out some new ones. Do whatever helps you to take your mind off studying. If it’s watching t.v. or playing an instrument, do just that and enjoy yourself. Now that the weather is getting better, make sure you go for frequent walks and get a lot of fresh air. Take your book outside or ring your friends while sitting in the garden. Most importantly, make sure you get enough sleep as that is key to staying healthy at this time. Remember, this won’t last forever and you got this!

How to keep the study/life balance at home?
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