10 Things To Do At Home That Are Not Studying

During the day, you are busy with schoolwork but what keeps you busy during your free time? Usually there is too much to do but nowadays you may find your options limited. Even though staying at home during this time keeps you and others safe, it doesn’t always keep you entertained. Below are some ideas to keep boredom away. 

Try Something New

Practicing your hobbies is probably the first thing that comes to mind during a lockdown. There comes a time, especially when you’ve been stuck at home for some time, when you get bored of the usual things that keep you busy. It’s time to try something new that you wouldn’t usually think of doing. If you’re not a reader, pick up a book or try watching a movie genre that you aren’t used to watching. Ask your friends or family what their hobbies are to get some ideas. Who knows, maybe you’ll discover a new hobby.

Learn a new dance

Keeping active during a lockdown is important, however there are limited ways to do this. All you need to learn a new dance is some space and access to the internet or a TV. Try out some Tik Tok dances or find some dance tutorial on You Tube. You could also find a music channel and try some dance routines from music videos. This way you’ll get plenty of exercise. 

Go though your old photos

The older the better! Have a look through old family albums or folders on a computer. It’s a fun way to bring back good memories and keep a positive mindset. You could also do this with a sibling or a parent to have a laugh. Pick some of your favourite photos and see if you can recreate them now. 



Try a new recipe

Make sure you let your parent or a guardian know if you are planning on using the kitchen. You could ask them or an older sibling if they know any recipes that they would teach you or find a recipe and try it yourself! This could be anything from cupcakes to a salad or a new flavoured sandwich. 

Re-decorate your room

See about using your space differently, see if you can move some light furniture around and if you like the changes. Follow the rules of fengshui and get rid of the clutter. Maybe you could reorganise your bookshelf or your games. If you want to get crafty, try making some new decorations, a drawing or a painting to decorate your walls. If you went through old photographs, see if you can put them up in your room. 

Start a journal

There are a few options available to you if you want to try journaling. You can use a notebook, you can start a blog or if you prefer, you can create a photo journal instead. There are many benefits to keeping a journal. It’s not only a great way to document  what is going on in the world right now, but it’s also helpful to your mental health as a creative outlet. It can improve your creativity, improve memory and reduce anxiety. It’s worth a try!



Build a fort

This one can be especially fun if you have a younger sibling. It could be a while since you built a fort but it’s a sure way to relax at the end of the day and to have fun like the old days.  Put those pillows and blankets to use and get creative!

Fish out your old games and puzzles

This is another one that could keep you entertained for hours. Ask at home if anyone is up for a game of scrabble or monopoly. If everyone else is busy you could try playing chess online. You could even have a video chat and play 21 questions with your friends. For solo entertainment, try puzzles and jigsaw. One of our previous posts explains their benefits.  

Keep in touch with your friends 

Social distancing doesn’t mean that we can’t socialise at all. Make use of modern technology and have an online meet up with your friends. Apart from chatting and catching up, you could get creative and do a work out together or play charades. 

Practice yoga or meditation

Yoga and meditation will help to keep you anxiety and stress-free. You can try some simple poses to help you relax and clear your mind. Meditating will also help you achieve this. There are many techniques to do this. If you’ve never tried this before you can start by getting into a comfortable position and focusing on your breath for a few minutes.

Have fun and stay healthy.

10 Things To Do At Home That Are Not Studying
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